Advantages of Swift 50 Plug Perennials


VIRUS TESTING: Swift’s plugs are started in screened houses and all vegetative varieties are tested for Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus, Impatien Neucrotic Spot Virus, Tobacco Mosaic Virus, and Cucumber Mosaic Virus.

MATURITY: The most mature plug on the market (sown in June), which in combination with the cold treatment period creates a plug that is vigorous and ready to root in quickly.  The older the plug and the larger its root system, the more effective the cold treatment process is in forcing the plant into bloom.  Thrivers 50-plug soil volume is up to 100% larger than a “72” cell and 300% larger than a “128” cell.

VERNALIZATION: (Cold Treatment) The most thorough cold treatment program available.  Thrivers 50’s are held at 33° F for 8-12 weeks which enables most varieties to bloom the first growing season. (Many bloom in the pot.)

FINISH TIME: The large cell and specially designed growing media forms a quality root system that quickly fills out your container: 7-8 weeks for 4” or quarts and 9- 11 weeks for gallons.

PICTURE LABELS: 1 Full Color Picture Label is supplied for each 50-plug. The tag is John Henry’s Junior Portrait and measures 5.9” x 1.8”.

VARIETIES: Over 1,000 varieties from seed and cuttings with nearly 50 new varieties added yearly.

ECONOMIC FREIGHT: Due to maturity, dormancy and overall toughness, Thrivers 50-plugs are able to ship Fed-Ex Ground instead of more expensive air methods, even in cold weather. For orders over 100 trays, Fed-Ex’s Palletized Freight is used for East Coast destinations and Grower Truck may also be used for Mid-West deliveries.

DEPENDABILITY: Consistently, year after year, Swift’s ship over 99.5% of confirmed order items accurately and on time.

PROFITABILITY: Thrivers 50-plugs make your perennial program profitable. They reduce your labor costs by being quickly planted into 4” to 6” pots with unskilled workers.  50-plugs grow rapidly, finishing often in 6-8 weeks reducing your overhead costs, and with a unit cost in the 83¢-$1.74 range, they leave plenty of room for your profit margins.

Thrivers 50-plugs are a dependable way to produce a high quality perennial crop.
Order in summer or early fall for best availability.
Call us for advice on scheduling or variety recommendations.