1st Year Flowering 275 Plug Program for Summer Sales Gallons

These varieties of 275 Plugs have proven flowering results when planted in Gallon pots for Summer Sales, when growing with a warm forcing program.

Varieties   Weeks to Bloom
Agastche 'Arizona' series         12
Asclepias tuberosa 10
Coreopsis Sunfire 12
Coreopsis Rising Sun 12
Coreopsis Sun Up 12
Delphinium Guardian series 10
Delphinium Summer series 10
Dianthus Sweet Black Cherry 10
Dianthus Barbarini series 10
Echinacea Pow Wow 14
Gaillardia 'Arizona' or 'Mesa' series 12
Leucanthemum Snow Lady 12
Lavender-several varieties 12
Rudbeckia hirta-many varieties 10-13
Penstemon Electric Blue 14