Swift Greenhouses, Inc. New 50 Plug & 288 Plug Additions for 2019

Swift’s has added over 130 varieties in 50 plugs! “Must Have Perennials” is a new breeder for Swifts, featuring Achillea, Geranium Rozanne, Leucanthemum Freak, West Country Lupines, and others. Many additions from Darwin include the Dreameria Armerias, Coreopsis Super Star, 3 additional Echinacea Sombrero colors and their new Phlox KaPow series. Walters Gardens additions include 2 more Sugar Buzz Monarda colors, 2 Salvia Bumble series varieties, as well as the new Salvia Fashionista series. Terra Nova additions include the Forever series Heuchera which are incredible! There are Phlox Flame additions as well, 3 colors of Mammoth Zone 4 Hardy mums and several new Poulsen Roser miniature rose colors including Santa - a bright orange and my favorite! These are just some of our exciting new varieties that you don’t want to miss at our webinar!