Cultivate 2020 New 50 Plug & 288 Plug Additions Slideshow for 2021

Swift’s has added over 69 varieties in 50 plugs! “Must Have Perennials”, featuring Chrysanthemum Igloo Autumn Spice, Brilliant and Fireworks.

Many additions from Darwin include the Dianthus Mountain Frost Series Pink Twinkle, Ruby Glitter and Ruby Snow. Lavandula Annet, Nepeta Whispurr Series Blue and Pink, along with 2 additional Echinacea Sombrero colors and Leucanthemum Whitecap.

Walters Gardens additions include 3 Monarda Sugar Buzz Series items - Berry Taffy, Lilac Lollipop and Pink Frosting. Salvia Tidal Pool and 4 new and exciting Garden Phlox Baby Doll Pink and Fashionably Early Princess. Cover Girl and Uptown Girl from the Garden Girl Series.

Terra Nova additions include Pulmonaria Shrimps on the Barbie, Pulmonaria Trevi Fountains and Agastache Poquito Dark Blue. Sedum Dark Magic and Class Act are sure to be winners.

New Poulsen Roser miniature rose color Freja a very clean white! These are just some of our exciting new varieties that you don’t want to miss on our Cultivate 2020 Slideshow!



Over 50 New varieties of 288 Plugs for 2021 from Swift. Vegetables, Herbs, Grasses & Perennials (sown to order)

 Edibles are Hot this year!! Don’t miss out on the increased popularity and demand from your customers. It is so rewarding to grow your own produce and just look at all the new gardeners we have gained due to the pandemic this year.

Swift is adding 10 new veggie varieties to our offering of nearly 130 different edibles from Beets (Super Food), to Broccoli (green leafy veggies contain antioxidants) , Cabbage Candy Red (pointed head), Pepper Dragon’s Toe and Tomato Apple Yellow (Apple shaped, Cherry Type) because who doesn’t love to grab a Cherry Tomato and pop it in your mouth direct from the vine.

Herbs – We have them, too. Over 100 varieties!

Fresh Herbs are also another popular, trendy health item. How about Herb Basil for a tantalizing Pesto or Bruchetta Tomato/Basil, Yum!

Try the New Downy Mildew Resistant strain, called Basil Rutgers Passion (Sweet Type), or Basil Purple Ball for a more decorative rounded globe-look, but still edible.

Herb Applemint, in the mood for a refreshing summer cocktail?

Herb Orange Balm Mandarina is an orange scented Lemon Balm type that is used in drinks, potpourri, tea, and other dishes.

Perennials/Grasses – over 500 varieties for the flower gardener.

Flower gardening also increased greatly, as did all other outdoor home beautification projects due to many idle hands at home this year.

Allium Hidcote Pink Giant is a new ornamental Chive with nodding dark pink flowers.

Aquilegia Columbine Earlybird F1 Hybrid Series requires less cold to bloom and some very unique color combinations, Purple Blue, Purple Yellow, Red Yellow, Blue White, Mixture & Yellow.

Artemisia Mori’s Strain is a silvery-white leaved foliage plant with widely serrated/lobed, felt-like soft ground cover mat.

Echinacea F1 Artisian Ombre Red & Soft Orange both create this brand new revolutionary breeding collection that is more consistent and highly branched with ease of production and a tight blooming window.

Echinacea Paradiso Dwarf Mix has virtually every color under the sun, which is unheard of for a coneflower.

Gaura, want to attract Honey Bees to your garden? This hardier selection is tougher in the garden, zone 5 plus hundreds of white/pink bicolor flowers in July-October.

Lobelia Starship series expands adding 3 new earlier first year flowering colors, Blue, Burgundy and Scarlet Bronze Leaf.

Salvia Nodding Sage is a new novelty Salvia with very unusual nodding bright violet–blue flowers.

Rudbeckia Amarillo Gold has unique light green centers surrounded by bold yellow petals.

Sedum Pink Beacon boasts large carmine red flowers with bronze foliage later in the season.

Sempervivum Hippie Chick, Hen & Chicks Mix, don’t miss out, succulents are very trendy now.



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