Blooming in the Pot

"Blooming in the Pot" - 50-Plug 'Predictable' Perennial Schedule.
Look for the Weeks to Bloom symbol on our 50 Plug Price List/Order Form.  The numbers inside the pot symbol next to the variety, are the number of weeks to bloom, for over 500 varieties of 50-Plugs.  Your pots will bloom in the number of grow weeks listed, when planted into a 4 1/2" to 6" (gallon) pot if grown at the temperature parameters noted below.  This information is only a guideline. It is not a guarantee for 100% flowering.
Required Temperature Parameters for "Predicatable" Blooms:
Week 1:              68-70° Nights              68-70° Days
Week 2:              68° Nights              66-68° Days
Week 3:              65-67° Nights              65-66° Days
Week 5-7:              62-64° Nights              60-63° Days
Holding Temperature:              50-55° Nights              55° Days

Planted from January 1- March 15.  If planted after March 15, reduce Weeks to Bloom by 1-2 weeks. 

Exception: Varieties marked with a light bulb, next to the variety, on the Order Form, require Long Day Lighting (simply using lights to interupt the night) AND warm day & night temperatures of at least 65-70°F, constantly.