Perennial Lighting Techniques

How to grow Long Day crops

It is important to know which crops are long day sensitive to enable them to perform & flower on demand.  Follow the guidelines below to better understand how to break dormancy of these perennials.

Night Interruption Lighting

The best way to accomplish this is an incadescent light bulb string, hanging over a crop and scheduled to shine from 10 pm to 2 am.

Break Dormancy of Long Day 50 plugs

When grown from a dormant 50-Plug, these varieities require night temperatures no less than 65°F and 'night interruption' lighting.  The results are AMAZING! 

For more specific instructions, including detailed temperatures & scheduling, Click Here, Perennial Lighting Info/Instructions.  If you still have questions please reach out to Hans Stokes at 641-478-3217.

List of Long Day crops 

  1. Agastache - all varieties
  2. Akebia Chocolate Vine
  3. Allium Nodding Pink Onion
  4. Ampelopsis Porcelain Vine
  5. Aronia Viking
  6. Artemisia - all varieties
  7. Aruncus - all varieties
  8. Asclepias - all varieties
  9. Aster Alma Potshke
  10. Aster Frikartii Monch
  11. Aster Kickin' Series
  12. Aster Purple Dome
  13. Aster Winston Churchill
  14. Aster Wood's Series
  15. Astillbe Pumila
  16. Baptisia - all varieties
  17. Buddleia - all varieties
  18. Callirhoe Wine Cups
  19. Campanula All Carpaticas
  20. Campanula Pink Octopus
  21. Campanula All Punctatas
  22. Caryopteris Dark Knight
  23. Celastrus Indian Mix
  24. Ceratostigma Plumbaginoides
  25. Chelone - all varieties