Grower/ Intern Grower

Responsible for daily growing and decision making for all plant material and environment in your designated range.  

  • Care and monitoring of your range for optimum crop quality, climate, and plant placement
  • Identify/track/control Insects (IPM)
  • Assist in development and implementation of specific fertilization programs
  • Monitor/control computerized greenhouse environments
  • Interact with on-site horticulture consultants and interpret/implement recommendations
  • Identify crop issues and determine solution
  • Responsible for all aspects of growing, including watering, fertilizing, spraying, and testing
  • Develop/document high quality standards for consistently growing crops using computer database
  • Conduct trials/experiments to evaluate possible improvements to the crop
  • Perform/track soil, water, disease tests as needed
  • Attend weekly communication meetings both inside the company and periodically off-premises, conventions/training/symposiums/etc.
  • Interact/communicate with a dedicated, knowledgeable, friendly grower team
  • Lead/Supervise employees in your range

Summary: Looking for a friendly, homey, family oriented work place environment? Come join our close-knit, passionate, knowledgable growers! Located in the beautiful rolling countryside of Iowa farmland, where Midwest values are strong. We are located 1 hour northeast of Des Moines, Iowa.  As a Grower at Swift's, you will find the least number of hours worked of any major plug producer in the industry.  That means more time for you and or your family.  Be part of a tradition that has been sustained for over 65 years of growing superior quality potted plants and plugs, consisting of 4 acres of perennials, vegetables, bedding plants and herbs.  You will constantly be challenged and trained, learning from industry leading plant/plug consultants that will visit regularly to teach, stimulate, discuss and challenge you to produce the highest quality plant material possible.

Ranked 8th best state to raise a family in 2018, along with extremely low cost of living!


  • Competitive Wages 
  • Holiday Pay
  • Vacation Pay
  • 401 K (4% employer match)
  • Bonuses - 2 per year
  • Health Insurance
  • Relocation Subsidy
  • Free Plants
  • Friendly Environment

Advancement opportunities available...don't limit yourself!

Swift Greenhouses Inc. is a family owned and operated wholesale greenhouse facility.  We have been buidling business relationships using honesty and integrity for the past 67 years.  Our goal is to produce the highest quality, most consistent plants on the market by utilizing extremely detailed procedures.  You will be constantly challenged as you are taught these highly technical, computerized systems by our educated and extremely motivated grower staff. 

Eligibility: Must first fill out "Grower Application", to begin our selection process.

Learning Opportunities/ Areas: 

Plant Growth:

  • Environment: Computer controls monitor climate 24 hours a day. Light intensity, temperatures, and humidity
  • Media: Porous, non-compacted soil-less mix for active root development. Learn media and components for vaious areas of production, soil amendments and their purposes, pH range varies with time of year, crop and water alkalinity
  • Seed Germination: The most critical stage. Moisture requirements, germination rate
  • Watering practices:  Moisture scale and proper watering techniques
  • Fertilizers: Feed plants based on the following: environment, rate of growth, stage of growth, nutitional needs of crops and quality of growth
  • Controlling Growth: Environment, fertilizers, plant characteristics, plant growth retardants, time of year, weather patterns and scheduling

Grower Techincal Tools:

  • Computers: Windows based technology and Microsoft Suite programs. Q-com 'Gem-Link' environmental control computer systems is used to adjust and monitor every aspect of climate in all ranges.  Database computers in grower's office stores all crop 'blueprint' manuals, crop photos and information for producing a consistent quality crop. 
  • Digital Camera: Crop photos used by growers to document optimum growth.  Photos of crop problems discussed in weekly meetings.  An efficient method of sending e-mail images of crops to consultants for instant crop diagnosis.

Fertilizer Injectors: Calibrating, mixing and testing fertilizer solutions.

  • Dosatron ratio feeder
  • Anderson in-line injectors (accurate electronic metering)

Integrated Pest Management: Focus on preventative rather than curative measures.

  • Biological control methods: releasing predatory insects and use of safe/ biological sprays.
  • Methods and timing of appplication for best control
  • Choosing the correct product for the insect/disease
  • Track pest weekly and learn their life cycles


  • Individual training with highly motivated experienced growers to solve any potential problems
  • Weekly meetings help to work as a team on space utilization, production timing, plant  growth and environment, pest and disease solutions
  • Consultants visits: Learn the latest in plant growth, development, pest programs, marketing and greenhouse trends from experts in the industry

Miscellaneous Departments/Areas you will Observe:

  • Seeding: Computerized seeding machine and inventory software
  • Vegetative Cuttings/Root Divisions: Utilize exact database/photo specifications
  • Order Pulling/Preparing: Batch pull of orders are flagged, picked and quality checked
  • Shipping: FedEx, Freight, or Grower Truck
  • Plant ID: Identify over 1000 genus/species

We feel that Swift Greenhouses Inc. will provide you with the best hands-on, learning experience available. As a Grower, you will learn how very specific systems and processes as well as great attention to the smallest details will produce the highest quality, most consistent crop possible. You will also learn innovative solutions to prevent and solve potential greenhouse/plant issues.

Thank you for your interest with Swift Greenhouses Inc, the home of 'Thrivers plants' ™